A Women’s Retreat in the High Desert of New Mexico.


A Winter Solstice Retreat


The High Desert of
New Mexico


Full Gemini Moon
December 19-22



In the Illumination of the Gemini Full Moon during the darkest nights of the year we will nestle in near the Sangre de Cristo Mountains under the High Desert sky at the Hacienda during our Blue Rose | Desert Moon Retreat.

We will join together in Ceremony to ground in the Greater elemental Alchemy with the Spirit of the land, building awareness of the sacred feminine within. Opening the powerful Energetic centers in our bodies & connecting in alignment with nature and the lunar rhythms & cycles.

Our mornings will begin with Ayurvedic Herbal Tea & Organic Coffee and a guided sunrise meditation, followed by a juicy, activating & inspiring Goddess Yoga practice. After a warm, grounding breakfast we gather for our Morning Ceremony & Rose Temple. In the afternoon we head out for soaking at Ojo Caliente Hot Springs, sacred relaxation, and free expression time. After dinner, we conclude our day with our Evening Ceremony, Moon & Fire Temples.

Additional options for private bodywork, Flower Essence Therapy and energy healing sessions available to schedule throughout the retreat.

*All meals are inspired by Ayurveda, Organic, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, with Vegan options available.


Ullasita Rose Devi is a certified E-RYT Yoga Teacher, Flower Essence Therapist, Reiki & Energetic Body Work Practitioner & a Woman's Wisdom Ways Holistic Health and Wellness Mentor. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through her various offerings she strives to live her life in service as devotion. As an interdisciplinary yogini and modern-day medicine woman she is honored to share the wisdom transmissions that she has received as a mirror to others healing & transformation.

Christina Louise is a certified acupuncturist, Chinese medicine practitioner, herbalist, Flower Essence Therapist, Reiki Master & Energy Healer, Body Work Practitioner & mystery school initiate. She is also trained in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Somatic-Emotional Release, Aura Soma alchemical color therapy and the Feminine Mysteries, and specializes in her holistic approach as a Feminine Embodiment Practitioner and transformational Feminine coach.

Christina is a woman of devotion, deeply passionate about helping her clients get crystal clear on their soul blueprint as rising revolutionaries and Feminine leaders, guiding them into deeper fulfillment and nourishment through energy mastery, intuitive coaching, embodiment tools, earth medicine, ancient feminine wisdom, sacred sexuality + relating guidance and multidimensional healing techniques that work on the causal level of the soul. In her role as soul midwife, Christina also specializes in helping clients extricate themselves from toxic relationships and dysfunctional paradigms in order to awaken their pure Shakti. This process allows women to connect deeply to their love essence, the oracle of their wombs, the soul of the Earth, their own inner teachers and personal spirit guides: and the junctions where these sources of wisdom interconnect. Her work, both in-person and remote, is capable of transforming karmic imprints across timelines.

Emily Sellers is a photographer and creative spirit that thrives when alchemizing with like-minded sisters. She is passionate about all things that nourish the mind, body, and soul and preparing a meal is one of her favorite ways to embody love.


Pay in Full and receive a $300 discount!
Deposit | Non-Refundable $500
Pricing | $1,400 in Full
Payment Plan Available
$1,700 with 3 payments of
One $500 Deposit and two payments of $600

For more information email spiritrosehealing@gmail.com



*schedule is subject to change


3 PM | Check-in, tea & cookies

5 PM | Opening Ceremony & Moon Temple

6:30 PM | Dinner


7AM | Sunrise Meditation, Free Movement, Yoga

Tea & Journal Time

8:30AM | Breakfast

10 AM | Morning Ceremony & Rose Temple

12:30PM | Lunch

1:30PM |  Ojo Caliente

6:30PM  | Dinner

8:00PM | Evening Ceremony & Moon Temple


7AM | Sunrise Meditation, Free Movement, Yoga

Tea & Journal Time

8:30AM | Breakfast

10 AM | Morning Ceremony & Rose Temple

12:30PM | Lunch

1:30PM |  Free Afternoon: Shop in Town, Hike, Relax & Reflect

6:30PM | Dinner

8 PM | Closing Fire Ceremony & Full Blue Rose Desert Moon Temple


7AM | Sunrise Meditation, Tea & Journal Time

8AM | Goddess Yoga Circle

9:30AM | Breakfast

10:30AM | Check Out